FAQ for Maine-Rentals.com Advertisers

1) Where do I log into my account?

Login to your account by clicking on the "Owner/Agent Login" link in the upper right hand corner of the green nav bar. Click here for a screnshot of the log-in link. The link is highlighted in orange.

1a) I can’t log in with my password. What is wrong?

If you are using Internet Explorer 6 you will not be able to use our site. You will need to upgrade to IE 7 or 8, or try using the Firefox browser. If this is not the issue try deleting your web history (cache) and “cookies”.  For more about this see these articles: 

2) I forgot my password. Will you send me the password?

Yes, click on the "Password Reminder" link. Click here for a screenshot of the login page. A new password will be sent to your email address (the email address you used when you originally signed up for an account).

3) What is the control panel?

The control panel is where an advertiser can upgrade their listing to a "lifetime" listing or add additional listings to their advertiser account, edit their agent profile (photo or logo, short description, website link and contact information), or edit their property listings. Click here for a screenshot of the control panel.

4) How do I add a listing?

Click on "Add Listings" in the control panel. You will be taken to another page within the control panel. Click here to see a screenshot of this page. The main photo is the large photo on the listing page as well as thumbnail photo which shows up in the search form so make sure this photo is the most attractive photo of your property. It is recommended that you use a horizontal photo for the main photo. The actual size is 650 pixels wide by 400 pixels deep. Photos this size will look better but as long as they are at least these dimensions or larger they should look ok. Some slight distortion may take place. If your property is not for sale please make sure to leave the MLS field blank. The more information you input into your listing, the more likely it will come up in a search. Just remember, more is better!

5) How do I find the map coordinates of my property?

We recommend using: http://itouchmap.com/latlong.html OR http://www.fcc.gov/mb/audio/bickel/DDDMMSS-decimal.html

5) How do I edit the availability calendar?

Click on the question mark for instructions on how do go forward or backwards (month and day) on the calendar. Click here to see a screenshot. Click on the dates to highlight them in orange. Click here to see another screenshot.

7) How do I change/edit my listing?

In the control panel click on "Edit Listings", then click on the dark blue link in the lighter blue bar. Click here to see a screenshot. After clicking on this link a new page will come up where you can edit your entire listing as well as add new photos. You can use the bulk photo uploader to add multple photos at one time. Click here to see a screenshot of this page.

8) How do I upgrade my listing to a "Featured" listing?

Featured listings show up on the home page - Four featured lisings rotate randomly so the amount of featured listings is unlimited. Featured listings will also be added to each town/area page in the next year. To upgrade to a featured listing, click on "Edit Listings" in the control panel, then click on one of the four packages listed on the next page to upgrade your listing to "Featured" status. Click here to see a screenshot.

9) Will I be reminded when my account or featured listing is about to expire?

Yes, You will recieve an email within 2 weeks of expiration. To keep your account or featured listing active, simply log into your account and click on the account package or featured listing package to renew.

For any other questions please contact us via our email form.